Ngong is a town near the Ngong Hills along the Great Rift Valley within Kajiado County, located in the southwest of Nairobi, in southern Kenya. The word “Ngong” is a Maasai word meaning “knuckles”, referring to the 4 hill peaks of the ridge, which stands alone rising from the plain around Nairobi. The Ngong Hills, from the eastside slopes, overlook the Nairobi National Park game reserve and, off to the north, the city of Nairobi. The Ngong Hills, from the westside slopes, overlook the Great Rift Valley dropping over 4,000 feet below, where nomadic Maasai live.

  • 4KM from the greater Southern by Pass
  • 24KM from Ngong Town
  • All Weather Roads
  • Electricity and Water Readily Available
  • Close proximity to a Church and School
  • Shopping Center with Various Amenities
  • 1/8 Acre [50M x 100M]
  • Deposit KSH 30,000
  • Balance in 12 Monthly Installments of KSH 30,000 per month
  • Cash option special at KSH 300,000 CASH
  • Opportunity for agricultural and residential use
  • Fast processing of freehold titles [Usually less than business days]
  • Estimated completion of development of project, early 2020
  • Easy payment process via wire bank transferSNAP SHOTS:
  •  The Nairobi Satellite-14 Land Index is representative of Land for Sale in 14 Satellite towns outside Nairobi suburbs including Ngong in Kajiado County
  • Land values have increased by 8.53 fold since 2007