In Kenya, buying land is very risky as brokers could sell you thin air in the name of land but information is power, in this article you will get just that.
Buying of land is a process that requires due diligence, patience and the right information at hand. Miamu Properties tries as much as possible to take the 'mystery' out of the process.
Land used to be affordable before, it is currently one of the most valued assets in the country with high prices that could literally drive anybody into depression if conned. Below is the process of acquiring land in Kenya whether from a group or an individual with charges of how much one needs to part within every stage.

We thoroughly research the title deed or copy of the title deed. We then do a search at the ministry of lands to confirm who the real owners are or if the title has any Caveat on it and pay the necessary fees.

We search with the local authorities to check of any unpaid land rates. If any, agree we consult with the seller or sellers agent on who will settle the debt. Please note that land can NOT be transferred if there are unpaid land rates.

One of our agents will go to the ministry of lands and attain the correct maps; one map will be showing the exact measurements of the piece you are buying which is called mutation, while the other will be showing the neighboring lands. We will cover the costs.

With the 2 maps and our appointed surveyor, we will  visit the land you are buying together and verify that the details on the map match whats on the ground  by checking all the beacons.

We will meet with your seller and bargain the price, and come up with a written agreement in the presence of a lawyer. It is advisable that you have your own lawyer present as well. It’s not a must to have it written by a lawyer though it is advisable so as not to overlook anything as they tend to be more conversant with such matters, and will be there to look out for your best interest.

NOTE: According to the Law Society of Kenya (LSK), if the value of the land is below 1 million shillings, you pay the lawyer 3000 shillings. If above 1 million shillings, you pay 8000 thousand shillings for the agreement.

Pay a certain percentage of the agreed money as per your agreement. The land is no loaf, do NOT pay everything at once whether or not you can afford.

NOTE: Do NOT pay in cash at any one point, do a bank transfer to the seller or pay directly to his or her account.  This will be evidence of you paying and to who you paid. The seller could easily deny ever receiving any money from you if there is no record, this is irrespective of whether they look like honest beings or not.

We will book a meeting with the Lands Control Board (LCB). They meet once a month. There is also a special LCB meeting which you can book at 5,000 shillings. LCB will issue consent for the land to be sold.

At this time, you will pay the remaining balance after getting consent from LCB.

With the consent from LCB, a recent search (not more than 6 months), clearance form from county land rates, the 2 maps, the sale agreement, KRA PIN, 2 Passports size photos and a copy of the title deed, we will go to the ministry of lands to change ownership.

At this stage, the stamp duty will be paid which is independent of the value of the land.

  • 4 percent of sale value in municipalities
  • 2 percent in reserves

As a final step, a Miamu Properties agent will go to the Ministry of Lands to do a search to confirm the transfer of ownership to your name, and counter check all other details.